Killer Toys in Target

A photo safari  in a place of my choosing? Target here I come! This assignment seemed like it was going to be a blast when I first read it. I had 15 minutes to capture as many photos as I could that represented or were related to the list provided in the assignment. Seemed easy enough, until I read the list of subjects I needed to convey. Take a photo that represents a metaphor or a photo that is abstract? I revoke my previous statement, this was not going to be a blast.

In case I haven’t mentioned this, I don’t believe myself to be a very creative person. This makes it very difficult for me to complete creative assignments that I can’t link back to myself or my own personal experiences like I did with my Game of Thrones visual assignment and IKEA daily create. It feels like I am trying to pull creativity out of thin air and that tends to be difficult.

Despite my doubts, I hustled to target. I found the first thing I could to show my start time.

3,2,1, GO!

Photo Safari for #ds106
Start Time

PANIC. My time had already started and I had no idea where to go or what to capture! I knew staying in the same place wasn’t going to get me anywhere, so I started walking.

I ended up in the toy isle, not knowing if I would even be able to find anything, when I stumbled across a photo that represented something futuristic. One down, way to many to go. Some other inspiration sparked in the toy isle, but I’ll save the best for (second to) last.

Photo Safari for #ds106
Take a photo of something futuristic

Okay Ginny, you got this. Just keep looking. I remembered the suggestion to look at something from the view of an ant. Well, what is the opposite of an ant? Everyone, meet Eddie.

Photo Safari for #ds106
Take a photo at an unusual angle

One of the options was to find a repeating pattern and I found quite a few of them, however when I saw this, I knew I wanted to capture it. A little moving around here, some staggering, a little angle, and boom! That is a good looking display of soap if you ask me. You’re welcome Target.

Photo Safari for #ds106
Take a photo that shows a repeating pattern

If you could take one guess, what would you say this is a shadow of ? There weren’t many eye catching shadows in the store, however I did imagine this one would be puzzling to someone who did not know the situation or setting.

Photo Safari for #ds106
Take a photo of an interesting shadow

Taking a photo of some else’s shoe or foot seemed simple enough and I was also reaching panic mode because I felt like I hardly had any images and no time left to find them. It isn’t a pretty picture and it is quite basic, but all attempts of stellar photography had gone out the window at this point.

Photo Safari for #ds106
Take a photo of someone else’s shoe or foot

I actually felt a little bit of creativity coming out at this point, however my frantic speed walks around the store showed my stress at my lack of time. I needed a picture through a frame, but I didn’t want to do exactly what the prompt said and use an actual picture frame. But, what could I find that would deliver the same result ? I kept looking for things that you could literally see through, when I stumbled across some mirrors. You can’t see physically through them, but they bounce back the image and you still see an image visually through them. I know it sounds weird but, it works right ?

Photo Safari for #ds106
Take a photo that is looking through a frame or opening to something else

I always try and find a way to incorporate my loved ones or the things I like into my posts. However, that was hard with this assignment. But, I love plants and when I saw a display of them, I knew I had to incorporate it into my project. Thus, an image that is dominated by one color was captured.

Photo Safari for #ds106
Take a photo dominated by a single color

Remember when I said I drew some inspiration when I was in the toy isle ? Well, bare with me, it’s about to get a little dark. I needed a picture of two things that don’t belong together. I knew there was no way I was going to find something already placed together that fit this criteria, so I might have staged my picture. What does NOT go with a babies stuffed toy? Many, many things, including knives.

Photo Safari for #ds106
Take a photo of two things that do not belong together

I know, that one was a little weird. Listen, desperate times call for desperate measures and I was at the end of my time.

This assignment really challenged me but, I enjoyed it nonetheless. I will forever hold these memories of target and my #ds106 class. I wish I could have captured more of the image prompts, but that is a challenge for another day.

Photo Safari for #ds106